From the desk of Megan Lindholm….

I am the office assistant.
I’m an expeditor.
 I’m not perfect.

I am also not Robin Hobb or Megan Lindholm.

I am the OfficeKat, that’s my official title.

In the interest of full disclosure I wanted to let you know that the comments and friending notifications come to my email, the office email.  We have a small but fully functioning office and a very small staff.  Megan often travels and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to check her personal correspondence and when she travels she cannot attend to her livejournal or myspace or … all of those because, well, she’s traveling.

Megan does read, answer, and run this blog. But there are more of us here- someone commented recently that they saw someone from our area checked their blog and did not friend back.  That can happen.  Why?  Because sometimes I start one project and something immediate, like the fax exploding and messing up the payroll faxes – and as much as I love you all as part of the human race I am horribly flawed and selfishly put my paycheck before all things because I’m I am so attached to this funny little habit of eating.  I know Megan checks this as much as she can- but she’s under deadline.  

We have a lot of interruptions, er, not to mention three to four kids under the age of ten just upstairs who cannot seem to resist the office.  Back when the ferret was still alive – they let him out all the time and I was constantly unplugging the shredder as he wanted to nest in it. But I digress.

Suffice to say, we’re nothing but just as crazy as the rest of you.  Not perfect.  You see someone checking out your journal?  It is me. I’ve been on my own here with stacks of paperwork and I check things out but I’m not authorized to friend.  I’m just reporting in.  Half the office is torn apart, we can’t use two of the doors because they’re being regrouted, payroll was messed up and  in the time I’ve started writing this I’ve had six interruptions. 

And if you don’t know- there are teenagers in this house, who have livejournals, who check their mother’s friends list because, wow, mom has a livejournal how WEIRD, I hope she doesn’t find MINE (Okay but if you are using the office computer, guys, I’m going to find it) and go look at who has friended her.  

Don’t be so quick to judge, that’s all.  You never know what is happening behind a screen.  Megan dreams of a room of her own.  I mean hell someday I bet she’ll buy an island and disappear but for now?  It is all chaos, all the time.  

Now I have to go assemble some effing Ikea chairs. You wish you were me.  I know you do.  🙂  

*Megan maintains that Sam has not urinated in the printer since he was a baby.  Clearly, another cat is breaking into the house at night and using the printer as a toilet.  Not her cat.  Clearly.  


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