That sort of a day

Still trying to make up for lost time from the computer virus that ate my life. I want to whine here. Oh, how I long to whine and whinge and roll on the floor while pouring dust on my head.

But that sort of thing makes for really boring reading, doesn’t it?  So I’m going to refrain from it.  Actually, I’m going to try to refrain from whining for all of 2009.

Instead, I am counting my blessings.

1. The book is safe.
2. The computer is functional again.
3. I have great local tech help in Bryce and JD.
4. I continued to write on the kids’ beater computer while mine was side-lined.
5. I’m very impressed with the new Panda antivirus.  So far, no invasions.

And those are just in the writing area of my life. So, really, all is well.

Read a science article tonight.  It talks about the links between sleep deprivation and a craving for sugar and starches. 
Which also explains the link between sleep deprivation and obesity.  And diabetes. 

So maybe I’ll try a bold new experiment.  What if I slept for 8 hours a night for, hm, a week straight?

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  • Try taking a B-complex vitamin right before bed too, it increases REM sleep. I’m doing that to help get rid of my sleep debt.

    People who drink alcohol at night or take sleeping pills decrease their B vitamins so they may sleep but it’s not that real quality sleep. That’s part of the reason those people get so raggedy looking. But when you take B-vitamins before bed it does the opposite. I notice increased dreams when I take it before bed and it’s not my imagination, if you try it you’ll notice it too.