Cat Sitting the Black Panther

That would be, of course, Bagheera.  She of the silky black coat, immense yellow eyes and even more immense appetite.

Bagheera belongs to Robin Hobb’s assistant.  Said assistant has recently decamped to Texas for a week or so, leaving her neglected, starving cat in my care.

Bagheera is obviously an underprivileged cat.  Last night she informed me that she had not been fed in days, possibly weeks.  And that she had never, in her neglected life, enjoyed canned cat food.  She put away a whole can of Fancy Feast by herself.  Then she showed me the folded towel on the floor by the furnace .  The assistant apparently thought was an adequate cat bed for the poor thing.  She had been forced to take refuge on top of the hot water heater in an effort to warm her aging kitty bones.

Although the Pi owns the rocking chair by the gas fireplace in the basement office, there is another cushioned chair available.  I pushed it up to the fireplace and showed it to Bagheera.  This met with her feline approval.  She and Pi are old friends.  Well, not friends, really.  But over the last 16 years or so, they have perfected the art of ignoring each other and co-existing in what passes for peace in this household. 

I wonder what the assistant will do when she returns and realizes her cat has not missed her.  No, not at all.  🙂

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  • rixelstudios says:

    I love Cats!

    After Cats in the Cradle you should play Stray Cat Strut

  • habiliments says:

    Apparently it is Very Difficult being a cat. Or so I hear from my furry friend, who has to endure terrible torments like Sharing the Bed with the Humans and Not Always Having a Lap.

  • erikh says:

    Baggy, as she is affectionately known, is adapting well to 24 hour a day spoiling.

    She now meows to have the fireplace turned on.
    Today she found a whole bag of kitty treats, got them opened and ate them all!
    And has decided that sitting on top of the desk and kicking papers onto the floor is almost as good as sitting on the lap between the human and the keyboard.

    I’d almost swear this is a previously spoiled cat, except that she had told me long and sordid tails of her neglect and abuse!

  • habiliments says:

    I like to refer to her as Baggy Pants, though she’s quite certain that isn’t dignified enough and gives me dirty looks on the rare occasions I have to call her that in person. She did sleep on me once, though, so I figure I’m forgiven.

    The between-the-lap-and-keyboard tactic is one perfected by all cats through time, I think. Halo is very good at it, though she’s presently practicing the between-the-person-and-the-back-of-the-couch technique, with all paws splayed.

  • erikh says:

    “Bunny” is evidently the unforgiveable insult when speaking to Bagheera.

    She now finds me in the basement, meows and then escorts me to where I might be useful, as in next to the switch on the fireplace, or adjacent to the cupboard where the canned cat food is stored.

    I’m trying not to let her pudge out too much while she is here but it’s hard. I showed her the dry cat food and she gave me a very puzzled look, as if asking what on earth that had to do with her.

    Sounds like Halo is the sort of cat that likes to sleep in the small of your back or behind your knees?


  • habiliments says:

    Bunny! I never thought of that one.

    I have to admit that Halo has never, to the best of my knowledge, been introduced to canned cat food. She has been through a variety of the dry kind, so as to discover the kinds that don’t make her, er, ill, but we’ve never done canned. She does think that every shred of grated cheddar that maybe missed the burrito plate is manna from heaven, though.

    And yes. Behind the knee. She does small of the back to Jake, but if she can’t get that knee crook (I wake up unable to turn over on a regular basis), she prefers to sleep on my chest, making me breathe in cat fur all night.

    I am so owned by this furball.

  • erikh says:

    Well, the assistant returned and picked up her cat today.
    She returned from Austin, Texas via Minneapolis, Minnesota. To get to Tacoma, Washington. On the West Coast, you know.

    I wonder if she ever took any geography classes?

    Well, the little panther was glad to see her people and go home.

    I took care to load her up with catnip before hand, of course. 🙂


  • erikh says:

    The assistant claims I have fattened her cat.

    Obviously she is unaware that black cats have a gene in common with Koi. Put into a large environment and given adequate feed, black cats grow to a size appropriate to their environment.

    I think she must have grown up on a chicken farm to be unawareof such an important feline biological fact.