Livejournal grammar

I’m in the office, late on a Sunday night, listening to Robin Hobb’s assistant’s favorite song.  Hm. I just keep trying and trying to grok her, but it may be hopeless.  I need to find some way to suggest to her that she can listen to this on headphones instead of blasting it through the office every morning.

And now for my grumble of the night.  Have you ever noticed that if a person friends you on Livejournal, Livejournal sends you a little note inviting you to check the person our and friend that person back.

Only Livejournal puts it thus:  Friend ‘them’.

Now, I suspect they are trying to avoid the gender mire, but would it have been so difficult to make it ‘friend this person’? 




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  • Well as I’m sure you know Sigmund Freud proved that the self is not a single entity, but actually three entities, the id, ego, and superego.

    It is this triad that the “them” refers to. Do you want to add them – the three separate psychical facets that will emerge and express themselves to varying degrees in the journal?