Tough Week for Robin

Things were crazy around here this last ten days.  Lots of frantic late night editing.    Then Robin discovered that someone has substituted the word ‘boobs’ for breast in her book.  And dragons don’t even have ‘boobs’. 

Things got so crazy that somehow the assistant’s hours were not faxed in on time.  Hm.  I wonder if she’ll get paid this month.  🙂

Then, as the office was being tidied after the deadline seige was over, a copy of the Doctorow  (no, not that Doctorow!) book  "Ragtime" was found on the desk. As it was being returned to the shelf, a mini-pad dropped out from between the pages.  Not funny, guys. 

Well, actually it was. But not as funny as the day Robin picked up the Norton anthology and all the porn fell out of it.  Vintage porn, I might add, carefully razored out of old magazines.  Except for that one photo, of course. Ew.

Months have passed but no one has owned up to that.  However, I noted that the Norton had been purchased from a second hand bookstore in New York. AND the assistant’s book plate was in the front of the book . . .   I wonder if she borrowed it from that Molly person and then put her book plate over Molly’s name.  That would explain a lot.  She’s always going on and on about ‘Molly this" and ‘Molly that’ and ‘Molly reviewed a book‘  and  "This is how Molly alphabetizes’ and ‘Molly doesn’t have a Miscellaneous Crap file in her filing cabinet.’

Well, la de da!


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  • Lol, it’s good to see that Office Kat is up to her old antics.

    Will you ever give a post of your favorite books and authors? That would be really interesting. A lot of people go to bookstores but when we get their we don’t know what to get.

  • habiliments says:

    Actually, Molly does have a Miscellaneous Crap file. Also several piles with the same implied label. Maybe we shouldn’t tell the assistant that, though…

  • erikh says:

    I KNEW it!

    She lies about everything else. Why should I be surprised that she fibs about Molly’s miscellaneous crap file?