The Perils of Having an Assistant in the Office

1.  This morning’s disruption is that she has abruptly decided that she wants to be a muppet.  Actually, looking at her, I can see that  this is what God intended for her all along, and that if she had moved to Sesame Street when she was twelve instead of growing up and going to college, etc, her destingy would have been fulfilled.  But yes, I think to myself, as I watch her flit about the office.  Yes, please. Go be a Muppet. 

2. Every roll of tape in the office is stuck to itself. Not to its cutter thingy, but to itself, on the roll.  I think there is probably some deep Freudian significance to this, but I’m not sure what it is. Something disturbing, I suspect.

3.  Coffee cups. Everywhere.  Some full and cold, some with only a sticky trace of coffee with too much creamer in the bottom.  Everywhere.  There is a sink on the other side of the basement, deary.  And once you found the sink, you could, mirabile dictu, wash your cup!  And put it in the drainer.

Ah, well. She did remember to submit her pay data yesterday, so she is capable of learning . . .



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  • katogden says:

    If you’d quit taking my HOT cups of coffee and leaving your COLD cups of coffee in their place on my desk I wouldn’t have to get new cups of coffee…