The Random File

Okay, so this is choice!

The assistant, some time ago, was startled to discover that Robin Hobb has a Miscellaneous Crap file in her filing cabinet.  Well, of course she does.  I started it years ago for her.  It really is the only thing that makes it possible to clear off the desk sometimes.  Otherwise, some things are simply unfileable.

Well, today, as the assistant was bustling about, clearing up her end of the office, I spotted her seizing papers, shuffling them together and putting them in a manilla file folder.

"So, what are you filing?" I asked her in a deceptively kind voice, as if I were only surprised that she was working at all.

"Oh,  just random stuff to sort out later."

She opened the file cabinet nearest her desk and shoved it in the front of the file.

"So, that’s just the Random Stuff file?"


"And you just shove it in the filing cabinet?"

"It’s in the spot closest to my desk so I can find it easily if I need anything in there."

(Does that statement make sense to anyone?  I mean, I thought the whole filing cabinet was by her desk for that reason.  Does that mean that I don’t have to sort out anything before I shove it in there?  Because, literally, this could probably save me enough time to crank out a novel a year."

"So how is a Random Stuff file different from a Miscellaneous Crap file?" I asked her.

"Well, because I’m going to sort it all out.  Later."

Ah, yes. The great truth of life.  Others judge us by our past deeds, while we judge ourselves on our intentions . . . .



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