Dockyard Derby Dames


Tacoma has a roller derby team. Which is actually extremely cool, in my opinion.

Robin Hobb’s ever amazing assistant has recently been donning roller skates several times a week.   A few nights ago, she added a mouth guard. And off she went to Dockyard Derby Dames bootcamp.

She returned exhilarated and remarkably unbruised.  Apparently a number of judo and fencing skills translate into roller derby techniques.  A hip throw becomes a jolt off the track for some unsuspecting skater.  A fencer’s lunge becomes a way to dodge a flying elbow.

The bootcamp was a time for potential Dames to see what sort of skills they would need to participate in the tryouts. 

Tryouts are next week.

This promises to get very interesting . . .

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  • habiliments says:

    Oh, color me jealous! I went to one of those for our league but felt like I would never make the cut. I’ve got a couple things down pat but need practice on the others. Also, I like to blame my wobbliness on the crap, so-old-the-roller-rink-donated-them skates, but who knows.

    Derby is pretty popular here and I really want to play, but it’s wicked expensive, all that gear. Someday.