Robin Hobb’s assistant is now offically a Hellbent Homewrecker. 

No, I’m not name-calling, even if her cat does think my chair is a scratching post and her son thinks I have a future being ‘a duck with a cape.’  That’s the name of the Tacoma Roller Derby team that has chosen her as one of their new bruisers.  What sort of a gift does one give on such an auspicious occasion?  Perhaps a mouthguard in an attractive carrying case?  Shinguards?  Team colors are hot pink and black.  Hm.  Her cat is already black. Does manic-panic come in hot pink, and would the cat sit still for racing stripes?  I shall have to consult that wonderful volume Why Paint Cats?  It’s a must read for any feline owner. 

Today I have a thrilling schedule.  I have to take my bed quilt to the laundromat, as it is too large for my home machine. For some reason, it looks as if two large dogs have been sleeping on it.  Yet when I enter my bedroom, there are Never any large dogs on my bed.  Only on the floor right next to it.  A mystery, to be sure.

And I have to run a computer down to the shop for a virus check.  Not my computer, thank goodness.  I’m doing a favor for a friend who knows even less about computers than I do. He was researching African safaris and suddenly a pop up filled his screen, warning him that he was INFECTED!  and MUST GET OUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM  NOW!   He couldn’t close the ad and shut down his computer, knowing it was already too late.  He doesn’t have a lot of money or a lot of time to fight things like this.  He really enjoys having a computer.  It just doesn’t seem fair for someone like him to get hit with this.  He’ll have the cost of the cleaning, and then he’ll have to pay to update to the new antivirus, which he had been putting off for financial reasons.   I’m not going to rant about the people who create viruses and fleece people by demanding money for anti-virus programs that are actually viral themselves.  That would be a useless waste of time.  Instead, I’ll sacrifice some of that time to try to help my friend get his computer to the shop and repaired.

Then I have to drive down to Roy, fire up the tractor (a task I’ve only done once before) and park it in the building that doubles as both a shop building and a judo dojo.   After a couple of years of angst and miss fires, we now have our permit to remodel the old house down there. So I shall use the pick-up  truck to get down there, and start to haul the last of the miscellaneous possessions out of there.  Some will go to the second hand store and some straight to the dump. Oh.  That reminds me.  I have to put the rototiller in the shop, too.  And finish mowing the lawn. Well, that will be my day’s workout.

But I will also take a notebook and go sit on the rocks by the pond and get some writing done.  And that alone will be worth the trip.

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  • nekooflove says:

    Could he try AVG? It’s free. The updates are pretty regular too.

  • 2eclipse says:

    manic panic

    does indeed come in hot pink.
    but it has to be bleached first to stay in my understanding.

  • erikh says:

    Re: manic panic

    I have mad tractor driving skilz. Just in case anyone wanted to know.

    Okay, I sat for five minutes with the manual on my lap, trying to remember which lever lifted the implement. But I got both the mower and the bucket off the ground, BACKED UP before I ran right over the septic tank and successfully drove across the lawn and parked the kubota in the garage without crushing anything that didn’t deserve crushing anyway.

    And like most things I dread doing until I have to do them, it wasn’t really that hard. At all.

    It was, I know, far less hazardous that putting pink racing stripes on Bagheera would be. She started out her life as a nasty little London street cat, and I don’t think she has ever forgotten her roots. That cat can swear! With a British cat accent, but it’s unmistakably fluent vulgarity.