Nice Stuff in Tacoma

Just a couple of snapshots from my day.

I went to Tacoma Boys for fresh produce today.  It’s a year round plant and produce store, with lots of local produce. Gala apples were only 49 cents a pound today, in the nice small size that is exactly right for a little kid.  And the nectarines!  I could actually smell their fragrance as I was putting them in my bag. Red and heavy and juicy ones.

But before I even got in the store, there was a huge truck outside, full of pumpkins.  And the guys were unloading it.  They weren’t the store fellows, so I’m going to assume they were from the farm.  They’d formed a chain and were tossing pumpkins down from the truck, across the sidewalk and parking lot and the last  fellow was building a display from them, a wall of pumpkins along the edge of their parking lot.  There was just something about the day and the men and the flying orange pumpkins that was so cool.

There are still a lot of good things in this world.  We all need to stop and watch the pumpkin throwers sometimes.


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  • Great image. I remember being part of the watermelon tossing chain in my teen years at the grocery store. Timing is everything!

  • muneraven says:


    Stopping to watch the pumpkin throwers is what makes life worth living! Or in my case today it was swerving my Harley around the turtle in the road and pulling over and moving him to a nice warm rock well off the road. He was such a lovely little creature. I felt so lucky to have seen him up close and so grateful that he did not get smashed by a car. 🙂