Robin Hobb’s schedule

But  I’m posting it here as well, as I expect to be on hand also.  🙂

Over the next few months, I’m very much looking forward to getting out of my basement office and seeing daylight.  And readers!  So here is a brief listing of where you might run into me.  For book signings, please be aware the times are tentative, and may be changed when we’re a bit closer.  So please do check back here or at for an update before you hop in your car.

October 23-25   is Steamcon!  This is the first venture of this Steam Punk convention.  It’s close to home for me, at the Marriott Hotel at Seatac. And Tim Powers is the guest of honor. I think I’ve weaseled my way onto a couple of panels on Friday. I always think that’s the best time to do panels, at the beginning of a con, because you start meeting new people right away.  I think you’ll have to take a chance on getting a membership at the door now but it’s a chance worth taking.
EDIT:  Actually, I may be taking part in a couple of the Friday panels early in the con!  I will confirm that when it is confirmed with me!

November 27-29 is Orycon, at the Doubletree at Lloyd center in Portland, Oregon.  Guest of Honor is Patricia Briggs!  I’m looking forward to coffee with old friends there, and meeting new friends.

January 15-17, 2010  is an old favorite con of mine, Rustycon!  James Blaylock is the Guest of Honor, and again we have a Steam Punk theme. Should be a good time.  Again, it’s not far from my home at the Mariott Hotel at Seatac. 

Then . . . .

January 26  EDIT:   7PM The Release of DRAGON KEEPER in the US!  The party is at Duane’s, sometimes known as University Bookstore in the Seattle University District. There will be balloons, hotdogs and clowns.  Okay, well, maybe not those things, but I’ll be there to read and sign books. Please note this has been edited to correct the time to 7PM

January 29  7PM Down to Oregon again, for a visit to Powell’s Books in Beaverton.  With their famous dancing beaver . . . okay, that’s another lie.  But I will be there, to read and sign and look for coffee with friends afterwards.  Please note this has been edited to the correct time of 7PM

January 30  2PM  Barnes and Noble on Black Lake Blvd. in Olympia Washington has invited me to come by and sign some books.

Feb. 6 Noon.  For the first time ever, I get to sign on Fort Lewis!  I’ll be at Building 528 on Pendleton Avenue.

Now, I’m also  starting a rumor that I’ll also be at Imaginales in Epinal France in 2011.  🙂  It’s our tenth anniversary, so I’m looking forward to getting back to my French hometown and see all my friends again!


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