The Christmas Rant

So, the Christmas Season is upon us! A time for bells ringing and lights on houses and buying gifts and renewing ties with seldom seen relatives.

Now, if you expect me to be cranky about this, you should stop reading right now. I love this season. I love the smells of evergreen and nutmeg and ginger, and the sounds of the bells and Christmas carols on the radio. I like secrets and surprises and the Advent wreath on the table and counting down the days as we open little doors on an Advent calendar.

When I was a child, Christmas was a wonderful time in our home. A time of hope and magic and extra kindness and all sorts of cookies. Days off from school in the heart of a Fairbanks winter, with dark and snow outside and light and warmth inside.

Tonight, I will mix the triple batch of dough for the gingerbread candles. We will light two candles on the Advent wreath on the table. We will drop hints as to shopping we must do, and talk about what to get Uncle Steve and what to mail to Alaska for Auntie Mo.

And it is all so very good. So I hope all of the rest of you who share my holiday are enjoying it as much as I am. And to those who have a different holiday, or even no holiday this time of year, my very best wishes also!


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