April Showers

Or in this case, a pretty violent storm for the northwest! Lots of wind and rain and falling branches. Even so, it did not develop into the all out windstorm that we were all expecting, thank goodness!
My tulips are now up in full force, and my daffodils. As I do every year, I’m wishing I planted more last fall. I lose a certain number to the squirrels each winter. Even so, the front yard looks pretty good here in Tacoma.

Down at the old house, I’ve made a serious effort to rejuvenate what was once my garden and lawn. And I’ve been rewarded with all sorts of forgotten and neglected plants making surprise appearances. Random daffodils and narcissus. A fairy rose that I thought was gone forever. And, despite some very enthusiastic pruning by the local deer population, the little plum trees look as if they will survive. There is one that is very battered as the deer used it to rub the velvet off their antlers, but it is sending up some shoots and it may yet live for another year.

So. Spring. The most forgiving season of the year.


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