Books on my Desk

So, what books have found their way onto my desk this month?  Some old, some new!

Old first.  On a recent plane trip I took The Dreadful Lemon Sky along with me.  Many readers will recognize that title as vintage Travis McGee from John D. MacDonald.  I’m pleased to say that Travis and the Busted Flush have stood up well to the passing of years, and that I can still whole heartedly recommend the entire series to readers who like a good stew of mystery and adventure.

In memorial to Robert Parker’s passing, I journeyed back in time to The Godwulf Manuscript, the very first Spenser novel.  And again, this is a book that has stood the test of time for me. The spot-on descriptions of dress, decor and hair transported me back in time.  Ah, Spenser!  I’m going to miss you.

Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy is next on the list.  This one is my SF fix for the month.  I read a proof of this first novel; it will debut on May 10, 2010.  I think this book will be satisfying for readers of SF and fantasy alike.  Plenty of plot, hardware and science for SF buffs, and lots of characterization and human conflict as well.  Recommended. Robin Hobb and Sara Creasy will soon be doing a Babel Clash, an on line discussion. Check the Robin Hobb site for the time and place for that.

And finally, a book I haven’t finished yet but am really enjoying.  Freakonomics.   I shrugged this one off when it first came out.  I shouldn’t have.  It’s a book that entertains, challenges assumptions, and makes me think about things that I wouldn’t ordinarily consider.  I’m not sure that I agree with all the conclusions, but they do seem to have the numbers to back up the theories.  So, recommended!

Robin Hobb will be doing a substantial US book tour for Dragon Haven, and as usual, I’ll be along for the ride! 🙂   Please check for the complete schedule. I’m always happy to sign Megan Lindholm books as well!

I’ll hope to see a lot of you in May as I wander through various US cities.


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