Take a Nap

My fellow Americans,

While driving home today from the grocery store, I deducedwhat is wrong with the American people.  It could be remedied with a new holiday.

Nap day.

We are all tired. And stressed. Everyone has a nasty little headache.  And none of us dare to take time out to nap.

President Obama, if you wish to see change and hope, please decree a national nap day. Give us a day on which all retail is required to shut down.  A day when it is illegal to have a picnic or a parade or work in non essential activities.  All curtains must be drawn, all houses still. No lawnmowers. No jogging or cleaning the cat box or sweeping the steps or any of the other tasks we do whenever we are given a spare moment.

Everyone would have to take a nap. Everyone.

And we would awake a calmer, more rational and perhaps even optimistic people again!


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  • Sandra says:

    Hi Megan,

    I agree wholeheartedly with a National nap day, I would have it once a month though, and not only annually. Time to shut off and take time out from noise, activity and compulsive shopping pollution would do us all so much good!

    I would chill out with many rotations of ‘quiet read and tea then napping’

    Keep up the good work!