Among Others by Jo Walton

One of the perks of being a writer is that sometimes we get to read books before they are published. Not just our own books, which we have to read many, many times before they are published! I am talking about ARC’s or Advance Reading Copies. Robin Hobb gets several of these a month, and I have no scruples about stealing them and reading them.
In a recent stack, there was a real gem. Among Others by Jo Walton is not what I usually expect in a fantasy book. And it wasn’t like anything else I’d ever read by Jo Walton. At one point, late at night, after I’d decided my eyes had blurred often enough that it was time to turn off the lamp and go to sleep, I found myself thinking, “But doesn’t she know that we’re not supposed to write about the real magic?”

And that was a thought that I hadn’t expected at all.

I don’t really do book reviews and I detest spoilers. So all I’m going to say about this book is that it will be from TOR sometime in 2011. And that if you love SF and fantasy, if reading it formed your teen years, if you do remember the magic you used to do, if you remember the absolute joy of first discovering those books, well then, watch for this book and buy it when it comes out.

Among Others by Jo Walton. This is one of those books that you want to read first and be the really cool person who recommended it to all your friends.


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  • Jo Walton says:

    But… but you wrote Cloven Hooves! Which I couldn’t even finish because I had a small child at the time. But that was about the real magic if anything ever was.

  • mlindholm says:

    Hi Jo!

    All I can say about Cloven Hooves is that it is the strangest book I ever wrote, and I can explain it even to myself.

    Among Others is just an amazing read. I couldn’t find the release date on it–lost the letter that came with it! Please let us know that. I have big expectations for this and I truly hope Among Others finds the audience and the success that it deserves!

  • Jo Walton says:

    It’s due out in January 2011, by the latest information I have.

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  • mlindholm says:

    Finding a good book is its own reward! As your protagonist could surely tell you.

    I’ll look forward to seeing Among Others in the bookstores.