A day in the Life

Woke up this morning to a dome tent pitched in my living room.  This, of course, is because my teenager had to ‘make sure it still worked’ before packing it up for Sasquatch, a music festival in the Gorge at George, Washington. The tent was full of sleeping bags (presumably to make sure they worked too) and two of our cats, who have apparently always dreamed of having a tent pitched in front of a gas fireplace in a livingroom.

It is pouring rain outside.

She is taking my van for this adventure, so I went out and removed all my stuff that doesn’t want to go to a music concert.  I left in jumper cables, my tire-changing rain gear, an extra windbreaker, and a stadium blanket. Folded the back seats down and removed all the kiddie car seats. 

Then I went back in to field a phone call from my older daughter.  Someone smashed her car window this morning (because the interior of the car is still dry and it has been pouring rain all night) and tossed all the papers in the glove box and then took her stereo.  Factory installed car stereo from a ten year old Honda.  How much are you going to get for that, tweaker?

So off I went with a tarp to seal it up as best we could while the police took the report over the phone. They don’t roll on a car smash, I’m afraid. Too common in Tacoma.  While she was calling Geico, I packed up my grandson.  He was understandably upset about his ‘race car’ getting broken into, and needed to bring a veritable army of stuffed toys with us.

Got home to find my other two grandkids waiting for me.  Gave my teenager some cash to go buy supplies for camping out at the festival.  Two of the kids installed themselves on the game machine and the third decided to make brownies.  And to show me her current book. She is nine and reading a book of fairy tales by Oscar Wilde.    Cool.

Tasks still to do. Make sure I have all book stores I visited for the book tour entered into my book store list.  And make sure I send thank you notes to all the people who made me so welcome.  I need to cut up the credit card from the publisher that I was given for book tour expenses, and then neatly package up all the receipts and send them back.  Send off that note I promised. Answer all the random email, and I’d better pay all the bills that wandered in while I was off gallivanting to Minneapolis.

And finish painting the extra bedroom.  And then drive down to the old house to see how the painting is coming along there.

Maybe go see that movie tonight with the kids. What was it called?  The Magic of Kells?  Something like that.  OH, and I need to swing by University book store in Tacoma and pick up the books that Duane sent down.

And so I reach noon.

Still raining buckets outside.  Not a great day to go camping at an outdoor music festival.

Or maybe it really is.


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  • Katheryne says:

    Is there a book after Dragon Haven?

  • Carolyn Paul Branch says:

    You give me hope. Your life sounds as crazy as mine, yet you still manage to write so…. I don’t have the words to describe how you write.

    I just discoverd your books a few weeks ago. Happened on “Assassin’s Aprentice”, devoured that trilogy, then bought the Tawny Man series. I’m in the middle of “Fool’s Fate” and absolutely hate being at work where I can’t continue to read it. Although in a way I dread coming to the end and leaving the world of FitzChivalry. A little voice keeps whispering, “quick – order the Liveship series, before this one is gone!”

    And yet, I too have a room that desperately needs painting, kids and grandkids who demand my time and attention, a full time job, a novel of my own I’m neglecting, plus a long suffering husband who is beginning to make jokes about my “Hobb addiction”.

  • mlindholm says:

    Yes, there is. A Rain Wilds book for 2012. There is more about that over at the Robinhobb.com site.

  • mlindholm says:

    Just carve out that little bit of space for yourself in the day. Then, instead of tv or knitting or taking a shower (kidding!) you sit down at the keyboard.

    Best of luck to you and don’t let anything discourage you. Sometimes a book is written just a paragraph at a time. You’ll get there.