A post to say I won’t be posting . . .

Rather silly, isn’t it.  But I don’t like to leave things hanging.

If you follow my other site, robinhobb.com, then you already know the gist of it.  I have discovered, unsurprisingly, that the more time I spend on the Internet writing blogs and updates, the less fiction I write.

The solution was obvious.  And I’ve enacted it, and as a result, I’ve not only been writing more, but enjoying the writing experience more. 

There has been another side effect as well. I’m reading more fiction again.  Now, I’ve nothing against reading on a screen, nor will I disparage the general quality of writing on the internet.  But my greatest reading pleasure has always come from reading competently edited, deliberately constructed  fiction.  And I most often find that between the covers of a book.  I am NOT saying you can’t find that on the internet, so please don’t flame me.  I am saying that I am one of those people who still prefers print on paper for my story reading.

So.  This year, I will be doing far less blogging, posting, updating and reporting of my status via the internet.   And I will be doing more reading for my own pleasure, and writing.

In the last seven days, I’ve finished one short story and set it aside to cool, written most of another, and written the first four pages of what I think will be my next book.  All of that makes me very happy. 

And I’ve just finished reading an Advanced Bound Manuscript of a book I truly enjoyed.  After The Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn.  (Some of you may recognize Carrie Vaughn as the author of the Kitty books.) It will be a Tor book sometime in 2011, and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good super-hero tale . . . even though the main character is definitely not a super hero.

Which reminds me.   I have three more books on my nightstand to read!  And I could be diving into one of them right now.  So that is where I am heading.   

And I will wish you all a relaxed evening of reading as well!


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