Absolutely accurate predictions for Winter 2008

 This year, we will see an increase in motorcycle related injuries and fatalities in the United States.

City buses will become more crowded.

More children will be riding the school buses this year.

Fuel oil and natural gas prices will go up this winter.

The number of pages of foreclosure notices printed in the newspapers will increase.

More people will lose their homes before things get better here.

US citizens will rediscover thrift as a virtue.

People will exchange hand made gifts at Christmas.

More people will be buying and wearing sweaters this winter.

Movie nights at home will become more popular.

More people will plant winter vegetable gardens this year.  

We will come out the other side of this just fine.  We will be a bit wiser, and a bit tougher, and we will be a bit more proud of ourselves for learning how to cope. 


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