Almost back to normal

We are cleaning up the soot and smoke, a room at a time, and getting very dirty in the process.  But at least I am back on my regular keyboard and my nice roomy, hand-friendly keyboard.

Time to de-clutter, too. Where did all this stuff come from?  Time to organize and refresh the house.  Anyone have any good tips for doing that.  there is so much stuff here that it seems almost insurmountable, some times.  I think I am going to start by bringing a cardboard box into the room and telling myself, “I must fill this one box today with things I am going to give away.”


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  • I used to gather and collect lots of treasures that many call clutter. When my husband got appointed hundreds of kilometres away we had to pack light and move as we had to live on the premisses of his workplace. 3 years later and 2 toddlers “manIER” we are moving again and there are things that need to be parted with again. My tip for you is to take pictures of the things you will donate, give or sell to other people (and load it on a personal onlinefile so that no fire will ever get to it) and though you won’t get to handle, leaf, smell, touch it, you will always have a trace to remember it by. Hope it helps et bon courage!