Next Saturday, I’ll get to go see Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount in Seattle.  Woohoo!

Before Fair season is over, I intend to go to the Puyallup Fair.  I love to watch the draft horses when they show the teams.

My little tomatoes are getting ripe.  And despite planting them late, I think I’ll still get green beans from my own garden before the season is over.

The electricians are nearly finished.  The ground floor of the house is sheet rock dust everywhere, and it looks like demented rats have cut holes in every wall and ceiling.  But when it is finished, I will have a house wired for this century. I’ll be able to plug in a radio AND a reading lamp at the same time! 

The kitchen is starting to shape up, too.  That will take longer, but I hope that before Thanksgiving, we’ll have a modernized kitchen.  With under cabinet lights.  And a microwave incorporated into the range hood.

But most of all, I am anticipating taking all three of the rusty old filing cabinets out of the office.  It will really give us a lot more room in here.

Today, I finally made myself stop and do all my accounting for the last two months.  And I cleared off large portions of my desk top.  There were all sorts of files there that needed to be sorted.  Robin Hobb’s new assistant came in and made mock of my carefully labeled stack of ‘crap to sort’.  It had a Post-it on top of it.  That makes if officially organized.  Then she saw my official ‘Miscellaneous Crap’ file in the M section of the filing cabinet and was amazed.  She attempted to pretend that not everyone has a Miscellaneous Crap folder. Where, I then demanded to know, do they keep it?  And of course she could not answer that!

I can’t wait for her to discover the ‘Things I Don’t Feel Like Filing Today’ folder in the T section!

I think I should put something nice in the filing cabinte for her to find, simply because it is, truly, an icky task to try to put files in order that have been neglected for thirty years.  I’m torn between a jar of Mango Chutney in the M section, or some red licorice in the R section.  I know she is partial to both those things, most likely because her parents neglected to teach her proper nutrition when she was small.

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  • habiliments says:

    I fail to understand how anyone can, er, fail to have a Miscellaneous Crap folder. In fact, I have both MC folders and MC boxes, and possibly an MC shelf or two. Give me an extra closet and I could do a pretty good MC job with it as well…

  • cthulhia says:

    H for hippo

    I remember at one of my old jobs I found a HIPPOPOTAMUS folder. All it had was a cartoon of a hippo.

    “Uh… Hippopotamus?”

    The entire office collapsed into giggles. They’d been waiting months for me to notice.