Books and Visits for 2011

The Inheritance, a short story collection of works by Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm, will be coming out in 2011. The Voyager (United Kingdom) edition will be first, available in late March, and appearing in early April in Australia as well. The US Eos edition in trade paperback form will arrive in May. There are stories both old and new in this volume. Some have been previously published, a couple are Nebula finalists, one was a Hugo finalist, some have never seen print before. Although the Lindholm stories are more numerous, they occupy about the same number of words as the Hobb ones. Each story has a small preface that tells a bit about how the story came to be written. The UK cover features lovely art by Jackie Morris, and the US one has some wonderful Yin/Yang cats.

The Table of Contents:

Megan Lindholm

A Touch of Lavender

Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man


The Fifth Squashed Cat



Drum Machine

Robin Hobb


The Inheritance

Cat’s Meat

I hope that readers of Megan Lindholm will sample Robin Hobb’s work here, and vice versa. To me, the styles and topics seem very different for each pseudonym. It will be interesting to see if readers agree.

In other news, Robin Hobb has added another trip to her 2011 schedule, so of course I’ll be tagging along!  This one is to Australia, I’m thrilled to say. I’ll be a guest of SupaNova in early April, visiting Brisbane and Melborne, with a stop at Sydney in between!

Following that, also in April, I’ll be at Trolls&Legendes in Mons, Belgium.

Then in May, it’s off to Imaginales in Epinal for their 10th anniversary!

And finally, in June, Saint-Malo Etonnants Voyageurs.

For more information on these events, please visit the site.

Best to all!


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