Bridal Shower!

Oh, the boy across the street is getting married soon.
He’s not really a boy anymore, but he was when I first met him. I remember his mom introducing herself as I was trying to unload a big steel desk from the back of my truck. And her next words were, “Adam, get over here and give them a hand.”
And that is exactly what he did.

And has been doing every since. He is the favorite climbing toy of evey small kid in the neighborhood. A great swimmer and a great swimming coach.

And just a good person.

Now it’s 15 years since we first met him, and he is about to tie the knot. Today is the beginning of the celebrations.

Ladies, there are still guys like that out there. Honest, intelligent, honorable and hard working. And pretty darn good looking too, and takes good care of himself.

This one will be wearing a ring soon, but if that is what you were looking for, too, just remember, they ARE still around. And Ashley has found herself a prize one!

Congratulations to both of you!


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  • Tintaglia says:

    Auguri agli sposi!

    [“Best wishes” in italian]
    It’s nice to see that you are surrounden by good people, that cares for you and for whom you care. 🙂
    And yes, there are still men worthy marrying, said the Italian fresh bride. ^^

  • Nate says:

    Yes we like to think we are still out here! (Mostly we are already married though sorry ladies)

    I wanted to say I read Harpy’s Flight and it was excellent! Now I just have to get all of the rest of your books in order (though that may not be practical). I’m excited to have new stories to read while waiting for the next one from Robin Hobb.

    Anyways, take care!