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Reclaiming the Website

I think it’s time to reclaim this space as the primary location for news about Megan Lindholm and my thoughts in general.Like many users, I’ve grown disenchanted with Facebook. I’ll still be posting there from time to time, but mostly to let people know when there is a new entry up here or at […]

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Workaday Work

I think the hardest work I do every day is the repetitive chores that every home or writer has. Sweep the floors, do the dishes. Mow a lawn. I dread the repetitive tasks that feel like I’ve accomplished nothing, for in a day or a week, it has be done all over again.I take a […]

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4:30 AM in Tacoma

“Perhaps,” she thought to herself, “This is when I’m meant to be awake. Perhaps I am being awakened because there is something important I’m meant to do in this time. Something I cannot possibly do at any other moment in my life.”

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A Break from Writing

Well, actually, it wasn’t me writing today.  It was Robin Hobb. But the fingers get stiff and the elbow gets ‘mousers burn’ and I need to walk away from the keyboard for a time. So I took myself for a walk outside and the dogs came with me.  The spring rains have washed a lot […]

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Apologies to the Earth

Once, somebody loved this little piece of land. It was a long time ago, I think. Back when it was a working farm.  Long before we lived near it. Then for a time, it belonged to people who felt no obligation to it.  The pasture became a place to get rid of your garbage.  Some […]

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Working for wages

Once upon a time, I was not a full time writer. I was a writer, and the book it took me a year to write earned me about $4500.00 That’s not a livable income, even with an employed spouse. So I worked many another job as well. I worked as a waitress in Seattle at […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

Are they futile? Do they just make us feel bad when we fail? I think that happens only if you approach them with the wrong attitude. The goal is improvement. Not perfection, I don’t think I’ll achieve that. But improvement. So for 2016 I have chosen three words: Efficiency, clarity and simplicity. I will activate […]

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Degenerate me!

My goodness, it’s dusty in here. I haven’t done a post here in a long, long time. So. Well. I’m facing another new year with Robin Hobb hogging the keyboard and the writing time. I do hope I’ll find a bit of space for at least a few short stories and novellas in 2016. There’s […]

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Still or again, however you wish. We are working to get the site spam proofed and up again. Until then, I’ll be posting Robin Hobb news here. There isn’t a great deal going on right now. I’m finishing up the UK page proofs for Fool’s Quest. The US ones were finished on Monday, so I’m […]

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Not Where You Expected To Be???

Yes. Well. Right now, is bringing you here because the Robin Hobb site is down due to some sort of Spam infection. Until we can prevent the site from spewing spam in all directions, it will stay down. Other news? Well, I just finished the copy edits for the US edition Fool’s Quest. And […]

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