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Old Habits

 Does this economy seem familiar to you?  It sure does to me!  And I find myself defaulting to old habits and ways of thinking.  Conservation.  Suddenly I’m more consistent about turning off the lights.  No dripping taps.  I organize my errands to conserve gas. Walk more. Bike more. Cook from scratch more often. Drink chilled […]

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Secrets of my library

 It takes up an intimidating part of my house.  On every floor, there are at least three bookcases.  Here in my office, there are five.  In the livingroom, three.  In the guest room, three.  Upstairs, in the bedroom, three.  They are big book cases, tall, and stuffed full. Some are packed several layers deep.  Some […]

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My Tacoma

 photo credit: K. Ogden, copyright 2008.  I love the city I live in.  This is me, near Oldtown.

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