Headed for Australia!

Well, almost.  The plane doesn’t fly until Tuesday, but I’m already packed!  A trifle eager?  Of course I am!

Thanks to SupaNova and my publisher, HarperCollins Voyager, I’ll be spending the first part of April in Australia.  I’ll be visiting Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.  In the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne, I’ll be doing the weekend events with SupaNova.  Between those cities, I’ll be doing a reading and signing in Sydney.

A quick summary of the appearances is right over there.  See?  No, over there on the right hand side of the screen.    For details on the events, click on the tab labeled ‘appearances’ at the top of the page .  I’m hoping to meet a lot of readers, both old and new, and help to launch a couple of books by Australian authors; more on that shortly!

My own book that I’ll be reading from and signing is a collection of stories by both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm.  The Inheritance is my collaboration with myself, and in some ways it is a time line of my writing.  In addition to stories that include Hugo and Nebula finalists, I’ve added introductions to each tale that give a bit of background on who I was when I wrote each story and what provoked me to write them.  There are stories both old and new here, some previously unpublished.  (The lovely cover art is by Jackie Morris.)

Some of my Australian readers have received postcards from me to let them know in advance that I’m headed toward their continent.  To those who responded to me via email or at my sff.net newsgoup, thanks so much for the warm welcomes.  And yes, I do hope to visit Perth again someday!

See you soon!


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