Ikea, the Second Time Around

My daughter is moving. On the hottest day of the year. She has Ikea furniture. The kind that comes in a big flat box that weighs a thousand pounds, but you drag it in, follow the directions using the special little tool, and Hey, Presto! Suddenly there is a single size daybed that pulls out to queen size. Or a kid’s bed that has space for a desk under it.

Pretty darn cool.

Of course, that is the first time you put it together. When you have the directions and the cool little tool.

That was not today.

Today was Take Apart the Ikea stuff. Without the directions, and with something that might have been one of the cool little tools, helped by allen wrenches and screwdrivers. Then load it in a pickup truck in the hot sun, truck it to the new apartment, haul it all inside and reassemble. Without the directions or the cool little tool.

At one point, I was flat on my back on her apartment floor, with my forearms and shins supporting all the little bedslat thingys that had to be lined up so the plastic jobbies on them would fit in the holes in the aluminum strip. We were both certain there was a better way to do this, but neither of us could think of it.

Anyway. We got it all assembled with only two screws left over. And then we moved it around to a couple of different places. Then she decided it was just too big for the livingroom of the new place.

Do you live in Tacoma and need an Ikea daybed?


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