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Liavek BD

Many years ago, in 1985, when Steven Brust and I were but junior writers, we were invited to submit stories to a shared world anthology entitled LIAVEK. The world was loosely based on a game scenario that Will Shetterley and Emma Bull had invented. The idea was that they would present the world and the magic system to a group of authors and invite us to each create a story within that framework.

I did not know Steve at the time, but I had read at least one of his books. Jhereg was the heartwarming tale of a boy and his small dragon . . . not. More like a witch and his familiar working as temporary assassins. Well, not as a temp job, but as in temporarily making people dead. Um. I really think you need to read this book to get what I’m talking about. Anyway, I read, I liked, and when I was invited to submit a story for the first Liavek anthology, and I asked Will and Emma to steer me toward a nasty and dangerous character in the city, they immediately recommended Steven Brust’s Count Dashif. And I was in!

Over the course of writing for the anthologies, our characters crossed paths and discovered connections. Strange to say, so did Steve and I! It was a wonderful experience to write in parallel with him and years later it would lead to us collaborating on a novel, The Gypsy.

And now, close to thirty years since we first wrote together, the Liavek stories have been translated into French and will appear soon from ActuSF. For those of you who speak French, here is a lovely interview on Liavek and writing that I did with ActuSF.

If you had told me back then that this would happen . . . I never would have believed it.

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