SF Music and Words at the EMP

Here’s an opportunity for Washington state musicians and writers. And for writers from other locations if you are willing to travel.

The Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington are sponsoring a Science Fiction Festival  in February 2011.  For details, follow the link above.  It’s open to school bands, choirs, orchestras and individual students playing science fiction themed music.

For the writers out there, they are looking for stories about 500 words long, but 200 to 200o word stories will be accepted.  Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 are the categories for entries, and of course the stories should be SF.  Written entries need to be submitted by January 7, so start writing now.

The SF Museum is an absolutely wonderful place to visit.  From the original props for the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to pages from famous manuscripts and displays such as the Alien Queen . . . well, I’ve never been disappointed by a visit there.


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