New Year’s Resolutions

Are they futile? Do they just make us feel bad when we fail? I think that happens only if you approach them with the wrong attitude. The goal is improvement. Not perfection, I don’t think I’ll achieve that. But improvement.

So for 2016 I have chosen three words: Efficiency, clarity and simplicity.

I will activate these three words today.

Simplicity: I’m going to start with my kitchen cupboards. Everything out where I can see it. Outdated? Dispose of it. Never going to use that ingredient? Donate it. Someone wants a can of sardines in tomato sauce, but it’s not me or Diego cat. Put it all back in an orderly manner. That’s something I can do in one hour. And then it’s done. And I continue my regular life the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I will find another one hour chore that creates simplicity in my life and do it.

Efficiency: I will pay each of my bills as they come in. Then I will scan if needed and shred and get it out of the office. No more misplaced bills or stacks of paper. Resolve to put things away, not put things down. Plan the weeks meals, shop once. That will be reviving a lot of old habits that have fallen by the wayside. And I hope to add new ones.

Clarity: I need clarity in my ambitions and in my relationships. Gentle honesty about how much time I have to give to people. Clarity for me to know what I can accomplish in one day, in one week, in one month.

I think I can use these three words to reduce anxiety in my life, and to become a calmer and more rational person. That is my hope. And the goal is still improvement, not perfection.

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