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Elf Fantasy Fair

Well, Robin and I will be traveling again!  Here are the details of her schedule for Elf Fantasy Fair:

On Friday, April 20 at 1 PM, I will be having lunch with readers. A few seats are still available. Het Cultuurcafé, Vuurtorenplein 6-10, Noordwijk. Phone: 071-3613073. E-mail: info@… Tickets are € 10,-, lunch included.

Friday, April 20 at 5 PM I will be at the Donner Bookshop, Rotterdam, to read a selection and then answer questions.
Boekhandel Donner, Lijnbaan 150, Rotterdam. Phone: 010-4132070. Entrance: free.

Saturday, April 21 ELF FANTASY FAIR
2 PM Reading at Het Verboden Rijk at the Fair, followed by signing from 3 to 4:30.

Sunday, April 22 ELF FANTASY FAIR Reading at 2PM, followed by signing from 3 to 4:30 PM.

I am so looking forward to this! The theme for the Fair this year is Gods and Pharoahs.  And as always, if you bring a Lindholm book to Robin’s signing, I’ll be happy to borrow her pen!

The Inheritance autographed to you!

I will be doing personalized signings of The Inheritance for my friend Shawn Speakman. Shawn operates The Signed Page, a wonderful site for bibiliophiles who long to possess autographed first editions.

I’ve blogged here before about the beautiful Subterranean Press edition of The Inheritance, with interior art by Tom Kidd. In an extremely generous gesture, Subterranean Press donated one hunded copies of The Inheritance to Shawn to help defray his medical expenses. So by going through Shawn’s site, you will have a chance to own a copy of the book with a personalized signature as well has helping Shawn’s financial picture.

While you are on The Signed Page site, check out the other autograph opportunities there, including Brian Herbert signing Sisterhood of Dune!

Happy New Year!

A little less than ten hours to go here. Think I’ll wander out to First Night in Tacoma, and check out the world’s shortest parade.   I’m so glad that my city decided to continue this tradition.  Giant puppets, music, free admittance to the city’s museums . . . I love it!

I wish all of you peace and prosperity in the coming year.  I hope we will all make resolutions to be better and do more good, and I hope that I will succeed at keeping mine better than I have in previous years!

Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!

Merry Christmas, and Best Wishes for a wonderful 2012

Well, I think the headline says it all!

I’m grateful for the wonderful year I’ve had with family and friends!  I hope we all find peace and prosperity in 2012!

Merry Christmas!

Opportunity For Collectors!

Steven Brust and I co-wrote an urban fantasy called The Gypsy back in 1992. We had a lot of fun writing it together, in fact, I’d say it was one of the most enjoyable writing experiences of my life.  The book incorporated snatches of song lyrics that Steve had co-written with Adam Stemple, then part of Boiled in Lead.

A few years after the initial publication, Steve and Boiled in Lead put out a lovely multi-media CD. It not only contained the complete text of The Gypsy, but also included all the songs as performed by Boiled in Lead.  It was, if you would, Steve’s first venture into the realm of E-books.

Now, if you would care to possess a copy of that CD, you have an opportunity.  A group of friends of editor  Terri Windling have put together an online auction for her benefit. One of the items available there comes from the collection of Ellen Kushner and is a copy of The Gypsy on CD.

You’ll need to act fast as the auction only goes until December 15th! Good luck on your bidding.


My Worldcon Schedule

Just a brief update, as I am still up to my neck in dragons. Figuratively. Literally, I’m up to my neck in obese cats, but we won’t talk about that here.

Worldcon, as noted before, is in Reno this year, and is called Renovation! The dates are from August 18th to August 21. For more information on the entire event, please visit the Worldcon Website.

I expect to arrive about midday on Thursday. Here is my schedule of official appearances:

Robin Hobb KaffeeKlatsch: Fri 12:00 (KaffeeKlatsch), Fri 12:00 – 13:00, KK1 (RSCC) (Please note: I usually bring goodies to share to any coffee gatherings I do, but unfortunately the convention center forbids outside food. So. Rats. I hope there will at least be coffee available but cannot promise even that!)

Autographing: Fri 13:00 (Autographing), Fri 13:00 – 14:00, Hall 2 Autographs (RSCC) (immediately following the coffee gathering)

Why to Start Writing Now (Panel), Fri 16:00 – 17:00, Hall 2 Teen Lounge (RSCC) (I’m going to be talking to the teenagers at this one. If you’re interested in why I think people should Write Here, Right Now start and you are not a teenager, you can also catch up with me on Saturday at noon. See below.)

Reading: Robin Hobb (Reading), Sat 10:30 – 11:00, A14 (RSCC)I haven’t decided what do do as a reading. Something from The Inheritance? Something from City of Dragons? We’ll see.

Why to Start Writing Now (Panel), Sat 12:00 – 13:00, E1 (RSCC) This one is for anyone who’d like to come listen to why I think it’s important to start writing Right Here and Right Now.

And now I am back to my rewrites! Less than 100 pages to go. I think!

JuneJuly2011 164

See you at Worldcon?

Just a reminder that Worldcon is just around the corner!

I am hoping to meet many readers and fellow writers at Renovation, to be held August 17 to21, in, of course, Reno, Nevada.

There is a stellar line up of guests (Ellen Asher, Tim Powers and Boris Vallejo, with Charles N Brown with us in spirit, I am sure.)

Even without a convention, Reno offers tourists and visitors much to enjoy. The Worldcon is offering, among many other things, a film festival, a writer’s workshop, a workshop on how to teach SF, an art exhibit, a masquerade (Phil and Kathe Folio presiding!), music, dance, song . . .

Oh, and then there are all those writers attending, and all the panels on SF.

And awarding the Hugos. That’s going to be a tough task this year, given the high quality of the nominees. Take a look at that list!

I think my days there are going to be very busy.

Hope to see you there.


US Signings!

I have been looking forward to this for what seems like a long time!

This week will be the launch of the US edition of The Inheritance.

US Inheritance Cover

US Inheritance Cover

This is a story collection by both of my writing names. I wrote as Megan Lindholm long before I became Robin Hobb, and to this day, I continue to write as Megan Lindholm. The short stories in this book are old and new, previously published and never before seen, and include a couple of Nebula finalists and a Hugo finalist. I’m rather pleased to see them presented together like this.

Details of where I will be signing are in the right column on but I’ll summarize them here:

University Book Store, Seattle, Washington on May 5, Thursday at 7 PM

Barnes and Noble in Olympia, Washington on Black Lake Blvd. on May 6, Friday at 6 PM.

Park Place Books, Kirkland, Washington on May 10th at 7 PM.

Powells Books at Beaverton, Oregon, on May 14th. An afternoon signing at 4 PM.

Garfield Book Company near PLU in Tacoma on May 18th at 7 PM. (This will be my first time to sign at Garfield Book Company!)

The usual format for these events is that I will do a brief reading, takes some questions, and then sign books. And, where it is feasible, hang around and drink coffee afterward and chat with people. These gatherings are my reward for being good and sitting on my chair with my fingers on the keyboard for most of the rest of the year!

I will be bringing ‘door prizes’ to all the signings. As before, your receipt from the bookstore is your entry. Just put your name on the back. It does not have to be a receipt for my book, just for a purchase in the bookstore.

Why do I do this? Well, it is my way of saying thank you to the venues that host writer events. When a bookstore puts on an event, it often requires moving furniture, setting up chairs, having extra personnel on site, and sometimes even staying open late. All of that consumes time and funds. So I like to encourage attendees to actually make a purchase, any purchase, at the store that is hosting the event.

I should add that I’m happy to sign any book of mine that you bring in, even if you bought it last week or fifteen years ago! You don’t have to wait and buy it during the event.

Off to Belgium with Robin Hobb

Packing is done.  And repacking and triple checking of suitcase is done, too, not that I have a trace of obsessiveness or anything.

Tomorrow I fly across the US, change planes on the run, and fly on to Belgium.  I’ve come to hate flying.  Not just the security checks, or the cramped seats but worst of all, for me, the constant pressure of noise on my ears.  Noise cancelling headphones help, yes, but don’t banish it entirely. 

On the positive side, on Friday morning I will land in Belgium, land of chocolate.  Oh, I mean, land of Trolls and Legends!  Actually, both and I’m looking forward to enjoying them.

Off I go.

Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You . . .

US Inheritance Cover
US Inheritance Cover

Need I say more? 

I’m off soon to Belgium for Trolls and Legends in Mons.  But upon my return, I’ll be plunging into the excitement of the US edition of The Inheritance coming out.
Now, if you want a quick way to know where I am and what I’m up to, at the link above you can sign up for Author Trackers.  It’s a HarperCollins service that lets you keep up to date on your favorite writers.  And yes, it works for all their authors, not just me!  🙂  You can choose which writers to track.