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Farewell SupaNova

So sorry to see it end!  Had an absolutely wonderful time on Sunday. The panel was well attended, and I met a lot of readers.

I think the high point of my day was a conga line of costumed participants that just seemed to spontaneously form and dance through the convention hall.  Spectacular!

Tomorrow, I’ll meet a few internet friends in this reality for coffee. I’m looking forward to that! 

Tuesday, I’ll be home and back in the writing harness until it’s time to run off to Belgium for Trolls and Legends!




Wow!  Beautiful sunshine and beautiful city!

And of course you know that I used my opportunity to wander about today, not to shop, but to look at more trees and birds. But I also got to vist Cook’s Cottage,  domicile of the redoubtable Captain Cook, which was transported here from England.  It was a fascinating glimpse of how simply people once lived.  Then the rest of the exhibit, which charted his voyages, was just breath-taking.  On a sailing ship!  Alaska, Washington state and Australia all were visited by this same explorer. 

Also visited the carved Fairy Tree again, which I recalled from my last visit here. And I will admit I did a bit of shopping.  In a bookstore, of course, to get very Australian books for the grandkids. 

Came back when the sun got a bit too hot for me, and dutifully worked on my book.  The harder I work, the more it grows!  Oh, dear!  But there is just so much to tell about the Rain Wilds, and the Selden thread is threatening to get completely out of control!

Tomorrow is Melbourne SupaNova and I’m very excited!  We’ll be launching Isobel Carmody’s The Wilful Eye, a stunning collection of re-told fairy tales.  She chose to retell Rumplestiltskin, one of my favorites!  So looking forward to this.Wilful Eye cover art


Mid Morning in Sydney

The InheritanceAnd I’m about to leave my hotel and go for a wander in the Botanical Gardens nearby.  With a bit of luck, it won’t rain on me again!  But even if it does, it will be well worth it.

I had such a wonderful time at the Brisbane SupaNova, as I’ve recounted over at  Tonight, I’ll be reading and signing at the Dendy heatre at Dendy Theatre Newtown, King Street, Newtown.  Books will be available to buy there, and Dymocks is continuing it’s ‘buy two books of a trilogy, get the third one free’ sale.  All the books have the new  Jackie Morris covers so if you’ve been thinking of upgrading your old copies, now is the time!  The event will go from 6:30 to 8:30 and I’m hoping to meet a lot of readers there!

Then, this weekend, I’ll be at Melbourne for SupaNova, Friday through Sunday!  I’ll hope to see even more readers there. We had such fun in Brisbane, and I think you will all enjoy how accessible and friendly all the SupaNova guests are!

off to brave the Sydney rain!


A Sunny Day in Brisbane

And I’m racing out the door!  Check out the new post at for updates on my day!


It’s going to be a great one!


Headed for Australia!

Well, almost.  The plane doesn’t fly until Tuesday, but I’m already packed!  A trifle eager?  Of course I am!

Thanks to SupaNova and my publisher, HarperCollins Voyager, I’ll be spending the first part of April in Australia.  I’ll be visiting Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.  In the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne, I’ll be doing the weekend events with SupaNova.  Between those cities, I’ll be doing a reading and signing in Sydney.

A quick summary of the appearances is right over there.  See?  No, over there on the right hand side of the screen.    For details on the events, click on the tab labeled ‘appearances’ at the top of the page .  I’m hoping to meet a lot of readers, both old and new, and help to launch a couple of books by Australian authors; more on that shortly!

My own book that I’ll be reading from and signing is a collection of stories by both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm.  The Inheritance is my collaboration with myself, and in some ways it is a time line of my writing.  In addition to stories that include Hugo and Nebula finalists, I’ve added introductions to each tale that give a bit of background on who I was when I wrote each story and what provoked me to write them.  There are stories both old and new here, some previously unpublished.  (The lovely cover art is by Jackie Morris.)

Some of my Australian readers have received postcards from me to let them know in advance that I’m headed toward their continent.  To those who responded to me via email or at my newsgoup, thanks so much for the warm welcomes.  And yes, I do hope to visit Perth again someday!

See you soon!


A New Lindholm Book!

 As you can see!  I received my hardback The Inheritance from Voyager today, and it’s a beauty.  The art is by the inimitable Jackie Morris, and features dual cats.Voyager Cover for The Inheritance

Inside are stories by both Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb. Some are old, some new, some previously published and for some this is their first outing. There is a Hugo finalist and a couple of Nebula Award finalists, too.  I really enjoyed putting the collection together.  I hope readers will enjoy seeing the two different writing styles, side by side.

Robin and I will be traveling to Australia together in April, just as the book becomes available there.  Look for us at SupaNova in Brisbane and Melbourne, and also at a signing in Sydney at Dymocks books!  I’m really looking forward to meeting Australian readers and friends, both old and new.

Books and Visits for 2011

The Inheritance, a short story collection of works by Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm, will be coming out in 2011. The Voyager (United Kingdom) edition will be first, available in late March, and appearing in early April in Australia as well. The US Eos edition in trade paperback form will arrive in May. There are stories both old and new in this volume. Some have been previously published, a couple are Nebula finalists, one was a Hugo finalist, some have never seen print before. Although the Lindholm stories are more numerous, they occupy about the same number of words as the Hobb ones. Each story has a small preface that tells a bit about how the story came to be written. The UK cover features lovely art by Jackie Morris, and the US one has some wonderful Yin/Yang cats.

The Table of Contents:

Megan Lindholm

A Touch of Lavender

Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man


The Fifth Squashed Cat



Drum Machine

Robin Hobb


The Inheritance

Cat’s Meat

I hope that readers of Megan Lindholm will sample Robin Hobb’s work here, and vice versa. To me, the styles and topics seem very different for each pseudonym. It will be interesting to see if readers agree.

In other news, Robin Hobb has added another trip to her 2011 schedule, so of course I’ll be tagging along!  This one is to Australia, I’m thrilled to say. I’ll be a guest of SupaNova in early April, visiting Brisbane and Melborne, with a stop at Sydney in between!

Following that, also in April, I’ll be at Trolls&Legendes in Mons, Belgium.

Then in May, it’s off to Imaginales in Epinal for their 10th anniversary!

And finally, in June, Saint-Malo Etonnants Voyageurs.

For more information on these events, please visit the site.

Best to all!


A post to say I won’t be posting . . .

Rather silly, isn’t it.  But I don’t like to leave things hanging.

If you follow my other site,, then you already know the gist of it.  I have discovered, unsurprisingly, that the more time I spend on the Internet writing blogs and updates, the less fiction I write.

The solution was obvious.  And I’ve enacted it, and as a result, I’ve not only been writing more, but enjoying the writing experience more. 

There has been another side effect as well. I’m reading more fiction again.  Now, I’ve nothing against reading on a screen, nor will I disparage the general quality of writing on the internet.  But my greatest reading pleasure has always come from reading competently edited, deliberately constructed  fiction.  And I most often find that between the covers of a book.  I am NOT saying you can’t find that on the internet, so please don’t flame me.  I am saying that I am one of those people who still prefers print on paper for my story reading.

So.  This year, I will be doing far less blogging, posting, updating and reporting of my status via the internet.   And I will be doing more reading for my own pleasure, and writing.

In the last seven days, I’ve finished one short story and set it aside to cool, written most of another, and written the first four pages of what I think will be my next book.  All of that makes me very happy. 

And I’ve just finished reading an Advanced Bound Manuscript of a book I truly enjoyed.  After The Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn.  (Some of you may recognize Carrie Vaughn as the author of the Kitty books.) It will be a Tor book sometime in 2011, and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good super-hero tale . . . even though the main character is definitely not a super hero.

Which reminds me.   I have three more books on my nightstand to read!  And I could be diving into one of them right now.  So that is where I am heading.   

And I will wish you all a relaxed evening of reading as well!



E-mail this week from sundry sources:

1 PM will work for us I’ll pick up some chairs to bring, they’ll be 9 of us, I’ll be bringing a couple of hot vege dishes, a roast pork tenderloin, egg rolls and Larry will be bringing fish. I might attempt to fix some desert of some kind not sure what. I’ll also bring paper plates, napkins, cups and forks.

Maggie I’ll bring a ham too.

Diana is also bringing sweet potatoes, veggie tray, disposable coffee cups and a warming tray and a coffee carafe along with another coffee pot (you really can’t have too much coffee at our gatherings).

I have a warming tray also I’ll bring incase anyone needs it (it has 3 covered trays that can be removed if you want a flat hot plate). Did anyone call rolls or cranberries?

What kind of pies do we have going so far?
I am doing a 20 lb turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Also whole berry cranberry sauce, pickles and olives. Four pies, 2 pumpkin, 1 apple and 1 cherry. 4 kinds of sparkling apple cider. Coffee, coffee creamer.

Beth is bringing the deep fat fryer and an extra turkey, 12 pounds or so in case we run short, or so we can have hot turkey fresh for Jen when she gets off work.

Ruth may rescue seome starving students from the Evergreen dorm.

And Kat thinks she is running a production . . .

SF Music and Words at the EMP

Here’s an opportunity for Washington state musicians and writers. And for writers from other locations if you are willing to travel.

The Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington are sponsoring a Science Fiction Festival  in February 2011.  For details, follow the link above.  It’s open to school bands, choirs, orchestras and individual students playing science fiction themed music.

For the writers out there, they are looking for stories about 500 words long, but 200 to 200o word stories will be accepted.  Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 are the categories for entries, and of course the stories should be SF.  Written entries need to be submitted by January 7, so start writing now.

The SF Museum is an absolutely wonderful place to visit.  From the original props for the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to pages from famous manuscripts and displays such as the Alien Queen . . . well, I’ve never been disappointed by a visit there.