Reclaiming the Website

I think it’s time to reclaim this space as the primary location for news about Megan Lindholm and my thoughts in general.
Like many users, I’ve grown disenchanted with Facebook. I’ll still be posting there from time to time, but mostly to let people know when there is a new entry up here or at

The basic update: I’m home at the farm in the McKenna area of Washington state. I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately; instead I’ve been getting the gardens and lawns back into shape after a very rainy May and too much travel in June. The grass is literally head high in places that are usually lawn-like.

I’ve been realizing two things about myself. I don’t travel as well as I used to. In response to that, I’ll be cutting way back on conventions and festivals. I will keep the commitments I’ve already made but I’ll be very conservative about adding anything new to my schedule.

The second thing I’m realizing is that I’m no longer as driven about my writing. In fact, I haven’t typed anything on any story for over a week now. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve retired as a writer and didn’t really notice I’d done it.

For now, there’s a lot to keep me busy around here, and I’m rethinking how to balance my life. ‘What to leave in, what to leave out’ as the song says.

I’m still writing in my head, of course. While I’m mowing the field and planting seeds, the stories unfold and I hear the dialogue. But it’s like watching something simmering on the stove, and knowing that it’s not ready to serve yet. The stories need more time before they are ready to be written, perhaps.

So for now I’ll keep tending the land and thinking the stories until I feel it’s time to sit at the keyboard and write again.

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