Grace (2007)

Grace Notes is about a blue-collar worker whose home attracts a brownie – a creature bound to clean houses. When the brownie’s help becomes unwanted, the worker seeks help from his waitress neighbor; they get rid of the brownie and in the process forge a friendship together. It’s a simple story – short and sweet.  Appears in the anthology The Fair Folk, edited by Marvin Kaye and available through The Science Fiction Book Club.

Cut (2001)

A SF story that asks the question, ‘Who owns the body?’  Published in May, 2001, in Asimov’s Magazine. A Nebula finalist.

Strays (1998)

A dark little contemporary fantasy that appeared in Warrior Princesses, an anthology edited by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough in 1998 and published by Daw.

The Fifth Squashed Cat (1994)

A bit of roadside fantasy, set in modern day. It appeared in the anthology Xanadu II edited by Jane Yolen and published by Daw in 1997.

A Touch of Lavender (1989)

This is SF, and a story that I’m still very proud of. It was published in Asimov’s Magazine, in November, 1989. It was a finalist for both the Nebula and Hugo awards, and a winner of an Asimov’s Readers Award. It was anthologized in Asimov’s Mother’s Day anthology in 2000.

Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man (1989)

Written for my husband, on the occasion of his 40th birthday or thereabouts. A tale of contemporary magic, with a bit of Boeing and Sears, Roebuck stirred in. It was published in Asimov’s Magazine in January 1989. It was a Nebula finalist that year, and won a Asimov’s Readers Award. It was later anthologized in Asimov’s Camelot anthology in 1998

The Unicorn in the Maze (1988)

This short story appeared in the anthology The Unicorn Treasury, edited by Bruce Coville and published by Magic Carpet Books.

Liavek (1985-1988)

Liavek was a shared world created by Emma Bull and Will Shetterley. I was very happy to be invited to come in and play. In these stories, I first ventured into idea sharing and then outright collaboration with Steven Brust. The ultimate result of that was our novel The Gypsy published by Tor. Liavek was a wondrous city, with a system of magic based on the luck one might harness if one knew the exact moment of one’s birth.

A Coincidence of Birth Liavek 1985
Potluck Players of Luck 1986
An Act of Contrition (With Steven Brust) Liavek, Wizard’s Row 1987
An Act of Love (with Steven Brust and Gregory Frost) Liavek, Spells of Binding 1988

Superior Graphics (1983)

My first venture into near future Science Fiction. Published in Space and Time, #65, edited by Gordon Linzner.

Faunsdown Cottage (1981)

I’m still very fond of the idea of this story, that is, a woman haunted by a childhood friend. This germ of an idea took a very different direction in the novel Cloven Hooves. This was published in Space and Time Magazine, a fanzine edited by Gordon Linzner. I feel a strong debt of gratitude to Gordon for his editorial insights into my early efforts and for his encouragement.

The Beholder (1981)

Yet another satyr tale. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. Published in Space and Time, edited by Gordon Linzner, also in 1979. Maybe.

Shadow Box (1981)

A strange little story. Published in Space and Time, edited by Gordon Linzer. 1979, I think.

The Small One (1980)

This was another Ki and Vandien story, published in Fantastic Stories in 1980, Vol.27, #11.

Bones for Dulath (1979)

This was the first time that Ki and Vandien made it into print. This story was published in the anthology AMAZONS! edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson and published by Daw. The Anthology was the winner of the 1979 World Fantasy Award.