E-mail this week from sundry sources:

1 PM will work for us I’ll pick up some chairs to bring, they’ll be 9 of us, I’ll be bringing a couple of hot vege dishes, a roast pork tenderloin, egg rolls and Larry will be bringing fish. I might attempt to fix some desert of some kind not sure what. I’ll also bring paper plates, napkins, cups and forks.

Maggie I’ll bring a ham too.

Diana is also bringing sweet potatoes, veggie tray, disposable coffee cups and a warming tray and a coffee carafe along with another coffee pot (you really can’t have too much coffee at our gatherings).

I have a warming tray also I’ll bring incase anyone needs it (it has 3 covered trays that can be removed if you want a flat hot plate). Did anyone call rolls or cranberries?

What kind of pies do we have going so far?
I am doing a 20 lb turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Also whole berry cranberry sauce, pickles and olives. Four pies, 2 pumpkin, 1 apple and 1 cherry. 4 kinds of sparkling apple cider. Coffee, coffee creamer.

Beth is bringing the deep fat fryer and an extra turkey, 12 pounds or so in case we run short, or so we can have hot turkey fresh for Jen when she gets off work.

Ruth may rescue seome starving students from the Evergreen dorm.

And Kat thinks she is running a production . . .

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