Workaday Work

I think the hardest work I do every day is the repetitive chores that every home or writer has. Sweep the floors, do the dishes. Mow a lawn. I dread the repetitive tasks that feel like I’ve accomplished nothing, for in a day or a week, it has be done all over again.
I take a lot of satisfaction in doing at least one thing each day that is a ‘finishable’ task. It’s best for me when it’s something I can view at the end of the day, or the next morning and think, “Well, that’s done.” I try to have at least one task that fits into that category every day. The sense of advancing every day is what keeps me going.
I think it’s particularly important if you have a long term goal. If you want to have a lovely garden, turn up some earth or plant a perennial. If you want to become a writer, do a bit of writing today, no matter how short. Even keeping a journal, or reading on a topic that relates to your long term goal can give me that encouragement toward a long term goal.
It’s a trick that works for me.

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