Yummy Jam

Today we made blueberry, peach, and a peach-raspberry mix to use up the very last raspberries on the vines.

Jam is wonderfully easy to make.  Measure the crushed fruit and the sugar.  Put the crushed fruit and the pectin in a pot, bring to a boil, then dump in the sugar.  When it hits a boil you can’t stir down, you boil it for one minute, the put it quickly into the clean, hot jars and seal.  It’s very satisfactory to see 24 jars of jam so quickly.  The whole house smells wonderful. And we’ve been fortunate in having a few cooler days for doing all this.  The colors of the different jams were lovely.  The peach is golden, and the raspberry/peach mix was a lovely scarlet.

When the lids pop down on the jars, you know the seal is good.  Then I label them and put them out on the pantry shelf in the garage.

Only this time, my teenage daughter beat me to it.  I came back to find the raspberry/peach medley labeled “Blood of our Enemies Jam, 2008.”

Somehow, I don’t think I”ll be giving those jars in the Christmas gift baskets . . . 


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