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I think this is such a cool idea, but Megan and I discussed it.  The thing is, we'd never get around to updating it when we said we would.  So it's best if we just don't do a newsletter.  Still, it's such a neat idea I left the tab up so we could all talk about how someday we might want to have a newsletter.


I mean people have so much to read these days.  We are just hoping you read her books. 


So, here's another idea, Kat.  We could just create one newsletter.  Only one.  But we could send it out, week after week after week.  Because we know that most people would just delete a newsletter from us anyway.  So why not save us all a lot of trouble, and only make one?  And it would only be about the checker at Safeway who put all my groceries in plastic bags because he said he couldn't wait for Alex to run back from the car with the good shopping bags I'd accidentally left there.


So now I have like sixteen or seventeen plastic bags and I am responsible for them until the end of the world.


This is very hard for me to accept.  


But we could make a newsletter about them, and ask people to send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and we could send out plastic bags to anyone who wanted to give one a good, permanent home.