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Musings of A Writer

Greetings and Salutations

A green pasture with a row of trees behind it.
A view of Pigeonhold, my pocket sized farm

It's Autumn.  October, 2019.  I've spent all summer working on my acreage.  I put in a larger garden than I've every grown before, tended it more attentively, and as a result, had a much bigger harvest.  Most of September was spent canning.  I now have a very nice pantry full of jam, pickles, tomato base for soup, and applesauce.  Unfortunately, I still have a porch full of oversized zuchinni and other summer squash, and a secondary area heaped with winter squash.  And LOTS of pumpkins.


I am not complaining.  But those tasks kept me outside and away from the keyboard.  I've taken a long and I feel, well deserved rest from writing.  Neither Megan Lindholm nor Robin Hobb has been very productive of late!


But with the winter closing in and rainier days coming thick and fast, I find myself back at my keyboard.  I'm writing stories again.  And also feeling the drive to share un-story thoughts with my readers.  Hence the revival of a website for Megan Lindholm, and a blog.


In the weeks to come, I'll be posting about my writing efforts, farm and dogs, chickens, books and events.  



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