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Musings of A Writer

If You Live In the UK or France . . .




A recurring question from readers is, "Where can I order the Megan Lindholm books?"

The answer is not a happy one for me. The books have been out of print in the US for, well, over a score of years now.

However, if you live in the UK, the answer is a much merrier one. The books are still easily available there. My publisher in the UK is HarperCollins, and through the years, they have kept the Megan Lindholm books in print, and often refreshed them with lovely cover art by artists such as Jackie Morris and John Howe.

They can easily be seen at the HarperCollins page for Megan Lindholm And I am very pleased to say that in a short time, Wizard of the Pigeons, an urban fantasy set in the Seattle of the 1980's, will be available with a lovely cover by Jackie Morris.

US readers can, of course, still order the Megan Lindholm books from Amazon.co.uk but may find the shipping charges to be discouraging.

French readers have had access to the Megan Lindholm titles for many years. If you enjoy reading in French, whether it is your native language or one you are learning, J'ai Lu has kept many of them in print.

And again, US readers can order the Megan Lindholm books in French from amazon.fr  but do pay attention to the shipping costs.


I hope this has been helpful information!

Thank you for visiting here. The website is a bit quirky and still in its early stage of development, but I do hope you will return again!

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