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Musings of A Writer

Not attending Emerald City Comic Con this year.

And that makes me sad.  Django Wexler and I were going to get together for coffee.  I was looking forward to a lunch or dinner with Duane Wilkins, my most favorite of the University Bookstore employees and friend of scores of years.  It's those personal connections and times that are always my favorite part of conventions.  


My spouse of 49 1/2years had a surgery yesterday, and while he is recovering well, he cannot do the farm chores while I would be away for the convention.  But, as he has a very pesky Y chromosone, if I left him alone, he would try.  So I will stay here at home and keep a lid on him and nag him to do his physical therapy, and remind him not to reach with his walker, and annoy him in all the ways that long-married couples do to one another.  Good times, eh?


It also means Robin Hobb  won't be on any panels, or going to the parties, or giving away free books at the Del Rey Booth.  Part of that is that Random House/Del Rey has decided not to attend ECCC, due to our current outbreak of the new corona virus in Washington state.  


On the positive side, I get to spend more time with my dogs, chickens, and oh, yes, my spouse!


I will hope to see some of you next year, and maybe I will even be at a few cons as Megan Lindholm!

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