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Musings of A Writer

The Morning News (August 15, 2021)

The Morning News

August 15, 2021

As Kabul tottered

I dead-headed the dahlias in my garden,

Cutting away the fading blooms of past brilliance.

I severed young blossoms from their green stems

To enjoy them for a day or two

Confined to a vase.


As Afghan girls and women were forced into undesired marriages

Invading deer had torn the unripe apples from my trees.

Scattered on the ground, they will never come to full sweetness.

I surrender them to the slugs and maggots.

Soon they will vanish and I will forget to mourn the lost harvest.


As rescuers sifted the fallen walls in Haiti

And dreaded the coming storm

I raked the dead plants from my garden

And considered if there would be rain or if I needed to water.


As the unhoused in the sprawling cities

Cowered in fear of the coming day's heat

I gave water and food to my chickens.

I moved the more tender potted plants into shelter.

As I filled my bird feeders with fresh seed

I thought,'perhaps I should build more bird houses'.


As hospitals filled in Texas and Florida

I triaged my potted plants.

This one is too old to bear more flowers; discard it.

It is too late in the year for these seedlings to flower.

Pull them out; make space for more useful plants.


I return to the house and scowl at the muttering radio.

What is it blathering about now?

I change the channel.

I make myself a fresh pot of steaming tea

And hear only the music I choose.




Copyright Megan Lindholm 2021

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