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Musings of A Writer

Broken Bits of Stories

I suspect this is true for every writer.


A first paragraph narrates itself while I are weeding the beets or scrubbing the bathtub  or cleaning the catbox.  And it's very exciting and good, and as soon as possible, after washing my hands, I rush to the desk and sit down to capture it.


I type that great first paragraph.


And the words just stop.  Ping.  Done.  That's it.


There are so many of those saved on my computer.  Little bits of a story that never was.  So maybe I'll start using them up here.


Like this.


Whenever she got depressed, she would add 'Kill myself' as the last item on her To Do list. She knew full well she would never get down to that last item on her To Do list.  Who does?  But she suspected that if she did, she wouldn't feel like killing herself by then. So it was safe, relatively, to add it to the list and fantasize about the moment when her To Do list would be done, and she could make everything finally just stop.



Hm.  Well.  It probably wouldn't have been a very cheerful story anyway.  Or satisfying.  Because, just look at it.  The reader knows the ending already.  Either she never gets to the end of the To Do list, so she never kills herself.  Or she does get to the last item, and by then she is so cheered by having finally accomplished her To Do list that she is no longer suicidal. 


I think I start about 100 stories for each one that I finally finish.


That's writing.

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Angsty High School Poetry

Kat says I should post here more often, to create more reader engagement.

Not much to say today.  

So I've decided to begin inflicting my angsty high school poetry on you.

A glimpse of who I was in the 60's.





                                       "Whistle and ride," said the wind.


                                       What of the traveler in his black cloak?
                                       What of the gold that had once filled his poke?
                                       What of her brooch to his shoulder pinned?


                                       "Whistle and ride," said the wind.


                                       The black horse pulled up his picket stake.
                                       How much sleep would his master take?
                                       Why in his breast sat the arrow finned?


                                       "Whistle and ride," said the wind.


                                       What of the maiden who stood by her gate?
                                       She married another. Such is fate.



Copyright M Lindholm 1968

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

There's the garden you imagine.


Then, there's the garden you plant.


And finally, there is the garden that grows.


And yes, books.

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If You Live In the UK or France . . .




A recurring question from readers is, "Where can I order the Megan Lindholm books?"

The answer is not a happy one for me. The books have been out of print in the US for, well, over a score of years now.

However, if you live in the UK, the answer is a much merrier one. The books are still easily available there. My publisher in the UK is HarperCollins, and through the years, they have kept the Megan Lindholm books in print, and often refreshed them with lovely cover art by artists such as Jackie Morris and John Howe.

They can easily be seen at the HarperCollins page for Megan Lindholm And I am very pleased to say that in a short time, Wizard of the Pigeons, an urban fantasy set in the Seattle of the 1980's, will be available with a lovely cover by Jackie Morris.

US readers can, of course, still order the Megan Lindholm books from Amazon.co.uk but may find the shipping charges to be discouraging.

French readers have had access to the Megan Lindholm titles for many years. If you enjoy reading in French, whether it is your native language or one you are learning, J'ai Lu has kept many of them in print.

And again, US readers can order the Megan Lindholm books in French from amazon.fr  but do pay attention to the shipping costs.


I hope this has been helpful information!

Thank you for visiting here. The website is a bit quirky and still in its early stage of development, but I do hope you will return again!

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Greetings and Salutations

A green pasture with a row of trees behind it.
A view of Pigeonhold, my pocket sized farm

It's Autumn.  October, 2019.  I've spent all summer working on my acreage.  I put in a larger garden than I've every grown before, tended it more attentively, and as a result, had a much bigger harvest.  Most of September was spent canning.  I now have a very nice pantry full of jam, pickles, tomato base for soup, and applesauce.  Unfortunately, I still have a porch full of oversized zuchinni and other summer squash, and a secondary area heaped with winter squash.  And LOTS of pumpkins.


I am not complaining.  But those tasks kept me outside and away from the keyboard.  I've taken a long and I feel, well deserved rest from writing.  Neither Megan Lindholm nor Robin Hobb has been very productive of late!


But with the winter closing in and rainier days coming thick and fast, I find myself back at my keyboard.  I'm writing stories again.  And also feeling the drive to share un-story thoughts with my readers.  Hence the revival of a website for Megan Lindholm, and a blog.


In the weeks to come, I'll be posting about my writing efforts, farm and dogs, chickens, books and events.  



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